iPadagogy: Employing the iPad as a Clinical Teaching Tool

Welcome to iPad-fm.ca. This resources is being developed to support Family Medicine Physician use of iPads to support clinical teaching. New tutorials are being added regularly. This site is being created by Rebecca J. Hogue in to support her PhD research project. This site will continue to evolve throughout the design and development process (September 2013 - May 2015).

If you are a family medicine physician who uses an iPad to support clinical teaching, please consider submitting clinical teaching vignettes for publication on this website and in the associated eBook available for free in the Apple iBooks Store. To submit clinical teaching vignettes, contact Rebecca J. Hogue.

iPad Essentials

iPad Essentials contains information and activities relating to iPad features.

Cloud Essentials

Cloud Essentials contains information and tutorials that describe Cloud-based iPad services.

Clinical Teaching Essentials

Clinical Teaching Essentials provides information and demonstrations on how the iPad can be used to support clinical medical education.