Workshop Feedback and Moving Forward

I’ve now looked through the feedback from the workshop evaluation forms. Stupid problem number one was that several people only completed one side of the evaluation form. It is clear that they did not realize the form had two sides. I will need to be much more clear at the next workshop that there are

First Workshop – Initial reactions

My initial reactions after the workshop were that it worked well. I don’t think it needs two physicians, but it does need more structured activities. I need the activities for the icebreaker and skills lab written down. They need to be written out better. Perhaps for the skills labs, I need actual activities (hands-on workbook)

Technology Educator

The purpose of this page is to describe the requirements of the Technology Educator. The primary role of the Technology Educator is to teach the skills lab portion of the workshop. This website contains a collection of skills lab tutorials. The Technology Educator needs to be comfortable adapting the skills lab portion of the workshop

Physician Facilitator (Demonstrator)

The purpose of this page is to describe the requirements for the Physician Facilitator (Demonstrator). ┬áThe primary role of this person is to provide examples of how the iPad might be used in context. This person may or may not be seen as an ‘expert’. They must be confident in describing specific examples of how