Pre-workshop jitters

In a couple of hours we will run the first workshop. For the most part, the logistics are all organized; however, I woke up this morning to complete white out. It seems to be clearing up a bit now, and the weather network is telling me that things should be clear sometime between noon and 1pm. An hour ago I could not see the buildings across the street!

2014-03-22 10.03.31The workshop is up in Wakefield – about a 30 minute drive when the weather is good. Fortunately, the workshop participants are already there – they were up in Wakefield all day yesterday as part of the annual DFM community retreat. The only people driving up today are myself, one of the physician facilitators, and the videographer. I hope everyone makes it up there safely.

The content and organization of the workshop are prepared. I had hoped to have the website in better shape prior to the workshop. However, a lot of the content of the workshop will find its way onto the website – which is why there is a videographer at the workshop itself. I hope that in presenting the material, I get a lot more detail than I have in my transcripts from my initial interviews. The act of teaching the material to peers will be useful. In an ideal world, I would have been able to get the group of early adopters into a room together and had them explain to each other how they use the iPads – that would have allowed for rich knowledge transfer. Actually, I may look at proposing that as a concurrent session at the Fall retreat. Depending on how many concurrent sessions they have, we could do one or two iPad workshops, plus an iPad knowledge sharing event. My only concern with such a thing is ethics approval – but if I were to treat it as a separate study, I could get approval just for it …

I need to remember to document the room setup at the workshop. Ideally we would have had two rooms, but that didn’t happen. So we have one rather large room, but I still worry about when we break into two groups whether we will end up competing with one another (from a volume perspective). I won’t be using a projector for the skills lab, as I would rather focus on the hands on portion in a more intimate setting. The demonstrator will be using a projector so that everyone can see what he is doing. I wish there was an easy way for me to record what he is projecting directly – so I get good images of what is on the iPad – but I cannot see how we could manage setting that up.

We have two projectors in the room. One will show the PowerPoint slides which are on my computer, and the other will be available to show iPads.

Skills Lab Notes

Tomorrow I shall be presenting the first iPad skills lab. I would have liked this website to have contained more content by then, but it is what it is. One thing that occurred to me is that I could create a series of checklists for skills lab facilitator, just to act as a guide. Presumably the person doing the skills lab will already know how to do the different things, but they’ll need a list of what to cover in the works. So, for my reference here is the list. We’ll see how much of it we actually cover in 30-minutes:

  1. Configuring your Apple ID
    • Multiple Apple IDs
    • Configuring Apple IDs for iCloud versus App Store
    • Relationship between Apple ID and apps your purchase
  2. Downloading and updating Apps
    • Need for Apple IDs
    • Ideas on where you can find good Apps (e.g. Residents, iMedical Apps)
    • Mention library has some free app / subscriptions
  3. iPad gestures
    • Response to gestures depends on the app
    • Number of fingers matters
    • Touch versus touch and hold
    • Four finger swipe
    • Pinch and expand
    • Flick versus swipe versus drag-and-drop
  4. Organizing icons
    • Putting apps in folders
    • Editing folder titles
    • Searching for apps
  5. Finding things (searching)
    • Searching for apps on the device
    • Finding good apps
    • Check out the library
    • will have vignettes and tutorials
  6. Using iBooks, including: adding comments, editing text comments
    • Downloading eBooks
    • Deleting eBooks
    • Navigating (chapters versus pages)
    • Orientations
    • Changing font size
    • Highlighting
    • Adding comments
    • Emailing comments