Program Evaluation

Reading through Guskey (2002), I am reminded that I need to be asking questions relating to the structure and organizational support in my end of session surveys. Questions to ask on the survey: Would you have attended this workshop if it were offered on its own (that is, not as part of the retreat)? Please

Iterations and revectoring

So this project is re-vectoring again. The workshop schedule for Thursday has been cancelled. Already it had a very low sign-up rate – only 5 people signed up and one of them was a resident (I think one was a nurse). Then when the reminder went out two people cancelled. Things came up, and it

Initial Design and Train the Trainer

The initial design of the iPad workshops was based upon what we had learned in the Essential Teaching Skills (ETS) program (MacDonald et al, 2013). The ETS program used a train-the-trainer model for the initial role out of the program. Each of the units within the department were asked to send one person to attend

OtoSim Companion

By Jay Mercer, Madeleine Montpetit, and Rebecca J. Hogue App: OtoSim Companion Cost: Free App ($4.99 to unlock) Function: Enhances Teaching ear examination in the clinical setting can be very challenging. The first problem is that it may be difficult to provide the learner with the opportunity to see all of the pathological entities that


By Jay Mercer, Madeleine Montpetit, and Rebecca J. Hogue App: Simulus DM by Simation Medical Ltd. Cost: free Function: Provides something new The SimulusDM App provides simulation around various diabetes treatment options for patients . It allows the user to select a patient from several patient profiles with diverse variable (type of DM, age, weight, past

iPad User Manual

A common complaint amongst iPad users is the perceived lack of a ‘user manual’. Apple does make an iPad User Guide, conveniently available online for each release of the iOS (operating system). The manual is available in PDF format or as an eBook for iBooks, available for free in the iBooks Store. [tboot_button_group_vertical size=”md” ]


By Rebecca J. Hogue & Madeleine Montpetit iCloud is an umbrella term used for the various cloud-based services provided by Apple. iCloud services are integrated into all your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac). iCloud services are actively being developed and evolving, and as a result, new features are being delivered on a regular basis. iCloud