RealWorld Orthopaedics and RealWorld Radiology

App: RealWord Orthopaedics and RealWorld Radiology
Cost: $9.99 / $2.99
Function: Enhancement

The RealWorld Orthopedics app provides the user with a library of radiographic images for common orthopedic concerns. Each series of case images is paired with a clinical scenario in a quiz format. The    answer grid outlines both visually and through a text description the precise abnormalities seen in the image.

Real World Radiology is a valuable tool to support the art and science of reading flat plate images for common primary care complaints. As with its counterpart above, case scenarios outline background clinical information to help the user determine the mechanism of injury or clinical signs and symptoms that accompany the images presented. The information is presented in quiz format and the answers highlight the specific radiological signs that lead to diagnosis.

These apps are useful when reviewing cases with learners and patients. They also provide a very helpful library of visual resources for simulation exercises and exam review purposes.



Heart Murmur Pro

App: Heart Murmur Pro – The Heart Sound Database
Cost: $2.99
Function: Enhancement

Heart Murmur Pro is an app that allows learners to hear a variety of pathological heart sounds, some of which they are unlikely to encounter on a regular basis in primary care. Aside from the pathological sound, there are two key features of this application that make it particularly valuable. The first is that there is a visual representation of the abnormal sound. The representation contains both location as compared to the S1 and S2, as well as characteristics of the sound such as crescendo or decrescendo. Providing both the visual and auditory data at the same time will simplify knowledge acquisition by the learner. The other key feature of this program is that it allows the user to move rapidly between an abnormal heart sound and entirely normal heart sounds. The ability to contrast the two types of sounds allows the learner to appreciate the differences between them. By functioning in this fashion, the application exploits the technological capability of the iPad to provide an educational experience that previously required a PC in order to accomplish.


MSK Injections

App: MSK Injections by Elsevier, Inc.
Cost: $29.99
Function: Enhancement

MSK Injections by Elsevier is a textbook application that has been enhanced to include a variety of video clips that provide detailed instructions on how to give injections (and aspirations). Each detailed video illustrates how to carry out the procedure that is described in the text. The text is enriched with further information related to indications for the procedure, possible complications, necessary equipment for procedure set up and handy instructions for follow up care for patients..

Where the video information used to be available on a collection of DVDs, now the physician has access to the information in one application. This is particularly useful as it does not require internet connectivity which  can often be an issue when care is provided in a rural setting or in the patient’s home.

As a teaching tool, residents can read about a procedure, and then watch the video before they perform the procedure. When used by faculty, it helps to standardize the foundational teaching around a specific procedure provided in the clinical setting.


McGraw-Hill Color Atlas of Family Medicine

App: McGraw-Hill Color Atlas of Family Medicine
Cost: $124.99
Function: Replaces existing resource

The McGraw-Hill Color Atlas of Family Medicine is an app that functions as a replacement for the physical textbook by the same name. While this type of replacement may at first appear to be a very limited exploitation of the technology, its format is superior to its hard cover counterpart as it permits rapid search options and is easily portable in and out of various clinical environments for in the moment bedside teaching.

This type of reference app is particularly useful because of the high quality colour images it has compiled for both common and less prevalent clinical conditions seen in Family Medicine. It is a wonderful supplement to learning when clinical opportunities are limited. For example, the following demonstration shows how the app may be used to highlight the diagnosis of Koplik spots when concerns over a potential measles outbreak was looming.