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Bruyère Continuing Care’s Quality of Care and Patient Safety Modules address institution-wide clinical and patient safety priorities identified through the Medical Quality Management Subcommittee and the Medical Advisory council, with the goal of fostering excellence in clinical care. The modules have been specifically designed for residents and staff physicians working at Bruyère Continuing Care and take into account special considerations related to our patient population.

Upon completion of each module, an email notification will be automatically sent to the Office of Medical Affairs and physicians will receive accreditation points from either the RCPSC or CFPC (except How to use MEDITECH).


For technical support and MEDITECH access, contact the Help Desk at 613-562-6262 extension 5555.

For support related to accreditation, contact Jo-Anne Dusseault at

For information on the project, contact Doug Archibald at 613-562-6262 extension 2914 or


How to use MEDITECH: Bruyère’s Electronic Patient Record System

MEDITECH is the software that Bruyère is using for the new Electronic Patient Record (EPR). This module is designed to teach physicians how to use MEDITECH and MUST be completed prior to being granted access to the MEDITECH system.

This module uses audio and therefore requires a computer with speakers. We recommend using either Internet Explorer or Safari web browsers on a PC or Mac. This module is not compatible with Firefox. The Access version cannot be completed on an iPad.

  • Access version (40 minutes): This version will track your progress within a single login session. Once completed, you will be granted access to MEDITECH. (Not compatible with Firefox or iPad). Please note, if you are using a computer that is on Windows XP, use the Google Chrome browser to ensure certificate submission.
  • Resource version: This version will allow you to access specific tutorials easily. Do not use this version if you haven’t yet completed the Access version and been given access to MEDITECH. Your progress will not be tracked. (Not compatible with Firefox)

Common Infections

This module addresses three common infections. Through a case-based approach, learners will define an approach to common infections, apply appropriate therapies, and identify supportive measures for patients in continuing care hospitals.

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Project Team

Dr. Véronique French Merkley
Attending Physician, Department of Care of the Elderly, Bruyère Continuing Care
Chair, Medical Education Committee, Bruyère Continuing Care
Member, Medical Quality Management Committee, Bruyère Continuing Care
Program Director, PGY3 Care of the Elderly, Department of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa

Dr. Douglas Archibald
Assistant Professor and Educational Research Scientist, Department of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa

Dr. Pamela Eisener-Parsche
Attending Physician, Geriatric Day Hospital, Bruyère Continuing Care
Director, Enhanced Skills in Family Practice and Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa

Dr. José Pereira
Head, Division of Palliative Care, University of Ottawa
Medical Chief, Palliative Care, Bruyère Continuing Care and The Ottawa Hospital

Ms. Margaret Lerhe
Director of Learning and Development, Bruyère Continuing Care


This project is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Academic Health Science Centre Alternate Funding Plan – Innovation Fund.

Version: 14 April 2015