Heart Murmur Pro

By Jay Mercer, Madeleine Montpetit, and Rebecca J. Hogue App: Heart Murmur Pro – The Heart Sound Database Cost: $2.99 Function: Enhancement Heart Murmur Pro is an app that allows learners to hear a variety of pathological heart sounds, some of which they are unlikely to encounter on a regular basis in primary care. Aside

MSK Injections

By Jay Mercer, Madeleine Montpetit, and Rebecca J. Hogue App: MSK Injections by Elsevier, Inc. Cost: $29.99 Function: Enhancement MSK Injections by Elsevier is a textbook application that has been enhanced to include a variety of video clips that provide detailed instructions on how to give injections (and aspirations). Each detailed video illustrates how to

McGraw-Hill Color Atlas of Family Medicine

By Jay Mercer, Madeleine Montpetit, and Rebecca J. Hogue App: McGraw-Hill Color Atlas of Family Medicine Cost: $124.99 Function: Replaces existing resource The McGraw-Hill Color Atlas of Family Medicine is an app that functions as a replacement for the physical textbook by the same name. While this type of replacement may at first appear to

Importance of Titles

I noticed the other day when I posted video clips to Vimeo, if I used more descriptive (longer) titles, then more people re-tweeted my videos. This behaviour has encouraged me to be more descriptive in my titles. For example, rather than “Enabling Lock Rotation”, I am now using “Preventing your iPad screen from rotating”. The


In educational design research, improved design is achieved through multiple iterations of the design. Iterations occur at both the macro and the micro level. In this study macro iterations occurred at the program design level. With each new data point, the overall iFPD program design was adjusted to account for the new information. In addition,

Research questions

Looking back at my proposal, my research questions are: (1) How can iPads be used to support teaching and supervising residents in Family Medicine? (2) What artifacts (e.g. facilitator guides, facilitator presentation material, participant resources) support the implementation of an iPad Faculty Development Program (iFDP)? (3) What best practices relating to design, delivery, and evaluation


After the delivery the first workshop, the overwhelming comments were that the physicians wanted a resource to support the workshop. Seeing the information at the workshop was useful, but they wouldn’t retain that information. After much thought and consideration, I began the development of a website – but that format didn’t see to work –

Program Evaluation

Reading through Guskey (2002), I am reminded that I need to be asking questions relating to the structure and organizational support in my end of session surveys. Questions to ask on the survey: Would you have attended this workshop if it were offered on its own (that is, not as part of the retreat)? Please