Battery Saving Tips

By Rebecca J. Hogue Contrary to popular belief, leaving apps running on your iPad has very limited impact on your iPad’s (or iPhone’s) battery life. There are a few things you can do to maximize your battery life: (1) turn down the screen brightness, (2) close apps the use location services, (3) use airplane mode

Closing Apps

By Rebecca J. Hogue All apps remain open on the iPad, even after you navigate to the Home page or open a new app. However, there are times when you may wish to actually close apps. In particular, some of the medical education apps are memory intensive (e.g. Anatomy Atlas). Leaving these memory intensive apps


By Rebecca J. Hogue Apps (short for Applications) are programs that run on your iPad. Each apps is represented by an icon on the iPad home screen. This section describes: How to purchase apps. How to delete apps. [tboot_accordion_bootstrap name=”UniqueName”] [tboot_accordion_bootstrap_section color=”primary” name=”UniqueName” heading=”Purchasing apps” number=”1″ ] Unlike your desktop, all applications for the iPad

Managing your Apple ID

By Rebecca J. Hogue Your Apple ID is your identity in the Apple ecosystem. It allows you to buy apps in the App Store and update your iPad’s operating system. In addition, your Apple ID is used for messaging, iBooks purchases, and iCloud backup and file transfer. When you initially configure your iPad, you enter

Tone Generator Ultra

By Madeleine Montpetit, Jay Mercer, and Rebecca J. Hogue App: Tone Generator Ultra Cost: Free Function: Replaces Tone Generator Ultra is a replacement app with a difference. It does not replace medical resource information clinical academic content such as a textbook but instead uses technology to replace clinical tools (in this case a tuning fork)

Using iBooks

iBooks is a free application for your iPad, iPhone, and Mac that allows you to read specially formatted eBooks. iBooks can also be used to read and annotate PDF documents. The iBooks application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. iBooks represents an enhancement over physical objects as the eBooks can include quizzes, video, and

Upgrading to iOS 7

On September 18, 2013 Apple released a major upgrade to their mobile operating system (iOS). This is the operating system that is used by the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The new version, iOS 7 has additional features an a new look-and-feel. All procedures, images, and video clips in this eBook/website use an iPad Mini


By Rebecca J. Hogue and Madeleine Montpetit App: DrawMD OB/GYN Cost: Free Function: Enhancement DrawMD is a series of free apps created by Visible Health Inc that include basic two dimensional anatomy images with ‘stamps’ that allow you to add common conditions or tools directly to the image. This allows you to easily describe a