Connecting with Wes at uCalgary – quick thoughts

Great meeting today via go to meeting with Wes from Calgary.

He has a database of apps – but it is internal only for access – it is great place to put apps once people are up and running.

Helped to describe where the iBook fits – it is an eBook designed to help physician transition to using the iPad for teaching – so the focus of the eBook would be on “the first six months” of the iPad user.

The app database is great once the physician know what they are looking for.

We talked about the need for “evidence base” when reviewing medical apps – which we currently don’t have in the eBook – we should look at a way to provide “evidence” or review criteria for the medicine related apps – this is currently a gap in the eBook.

We are going to put together another grant application to create a web app that allows us to test the evaluation tool that we are developing. The evaluation tool will start with what Wes has done and we’ll figure it out from there …

Going to have to find some collaborators.

Will ask Wes to author a couple of chapters in the iBook – helping to fill in some of the gaps.