Content remixing

I am thinking about the skills lab content again. One of the bits of feedback is that they want more hands-on – and it occurs to me that this is not just the case vignettes but also in the skills lab. The focus in the skills lab was a little wrong – it needs to be more activity centric. Sort of like the Icebreaker activity – which was successful – I think also the skills lab needs more “challenge” type activities – and the theoretical content can be left for the eBook or something – similar to what we do with Essential Teaching Skills – we need to keep the focus of the workshop on activities (on doing).

So, the skills labs need to be re-structured. They need to be activity driven. Content that is best explained via lecture or text, should be left to the text – the workshop needs to focus more on hands-on.

So, in looking at workshop one, what is the skills lab content? Editing and commenting in iBooks. Perhaps it should look more like:

  1. Organizing icons (creating folders, renaming folders, changing which page on icon is on)
  2. Finding apps (searching iMedcal Apps, searching the library – finding good apps)
  3. Using iBooks (which covers some gestures as well as adding content and sending an email)

This becomes enough – and I write it up as a challenge sheet and everyone gets a chance to “do” each thing and tick it off the list when they do it. That way, they are doing hands-on and I’m just helping them work through it – filling in the blanks and asking questions.

Now I’m wondering about a link between problem-based learning and teaching technology. I will need to go check the literature on this.

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