Do I make an iBook?

One of the issues that came up at the initial workshop was a lack of resources for participants. This was not helped by the fact that this website did not yet have resources associated with it. But also, learners wanted a list of apps, they wanted things they could take home.

I have always wondered whether the website was the right medium for this type of content.

In addition to the need for a resource, the other issue is that the workshop needs to be more hands on. The theory part of the workshop needs to be filtered out – and put elsewhere. I thought the website was a good place for it, but I’m finding myself struggling with structure – but also, knowing that they likely won’t ever access it on the website. I think an iBook might be a better choice. An iBook would allow me to add in theory in a book format. They would be more familiar with a book, flipping through pages and reading the content. We use iBooks for other faculty development programs – so the use of iBooks is not unfamiliar – plus the iBooks tutorials are needed for other fac dev programs – on other projects, not just this one … so I could do up the iBook Tutorials and integrate them into several iBooks.

With our other program we also provide the iBook in PDF format. Here, I don’t think I would do that. All the content would be available in the iBook format and on this website. I want to force learners to use the iBook rather than a PDF version – I also think the multiple versions causes a confusion sometimes, as sometimes people will download the PDF into iBooks and then not know why the iBooks isn’t working properly.

So, there is that – once I create a bunch of content, I shall create an iBook to support that content. The big question now is, can I get that done in time for a workshop on May 15th? – assuming we can make the May 15th workshop happen!

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