App: DrawMD OB/GYN
Cost: Free
Function: Enhancement

DrawMD is a series of free apps created by Visible Health Inc that include basic two dimensional anatomy images with ‘stamps’ that allow you to add common conditions or tools directly to the image. This allows you to easily describe a condition or a procedure graphically, without unnecessary complexity. The apps are available for free from the App Store, and are promoted as useful tools to “revolutionize patient conversations”.  Other DrawMD apps include: Anesthesia and Critical Care, Breast Health, Cardiology, Female Pelvic Surgery, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Pathology, Thoracic Surgery, etc.)

This demonstration illustrates how you would describe an ectopic pregnancy to a first year medical student using the DrawMD OBGYN app.

DrawMD also has a cloud feature that allows you to store common images and information. If, for example, you find that you are explaining the same condition many times over, you may simply write up the description once and save it in the DrawMD cloud. You can then email the description or print the image as needed. This option is useful not only with learners but also when discussing clinical conditions with patients and their care givers.

It is recommended that you explore using the application without engaging the cloud features. If you discover that you use the app regularly, and that you are frequently describing the same clinical content, you may wish to take advantage of the cloud features.

Challenge Activity

For this challenge activity, recall the phases for role modelling (cueing, modelling, debriefing). The first phase of role modelling is to cue the learner on what they will be observing. In this activity, you will use the DrawMD OBGYN app to cue a learner (a third year clerk) on the proper technique for performing a PAP smear.

As with all challenge activities, you are encouraged to play with the app. Don’t be afraid to touch every button to see what it does. 

Challenge Activity

Choose a different DrawMD app (other than OBGYN). Envision a teaching scenario (e.g. how you might want to cue a learner before you actively role model or how you might want to review steps before performing a procedure). Use the app to help you demonstrate the teachable moment more effectively.

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