By Rebecca J. Hogue & Madeleine Montpetit

iCloud is an umbrella term used for the various cloud-based services provided by Apple. iCloud services are integrated into all your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac). iCloud services are actively being developed and evolving, and as a result, new features are being delivered on a regular basis.

iCloud provides services that help to make your iPhone, iPad and laptop more secure. At a minimum, we strongly recommend that you enable iCloud for the Find My Phone functionality.

Please read the following article specifically addressing how you can make your iPhone and iPad more secure when using iCloud in the medical context: iPhones, iPads and HIPAA-Compliant Practice: Locking Down Your Apple Device.

In addition iCloud can be used  to synchronize some of your data from your iPad and iPhone to the cloud. When you enable iCloud on your device, you can configure iCloud synchronization for each type of data individually.

Which services you choose to use are up to you. This will depend on your personal strategy for backup and cloud-based synchronization services available. At a minimum, I highly recommend you turn on Find My Phone as it aligns with the HIPPA-Compliance Practice.

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As a general rule, before using any cloud-based application you should consider the security and privacy policy of the company providing the app. Most companies that provide cloud-based services provide an overview of their security and privacy policies on their websites.

For example, if you are concerned about the privacy and security of any of the data you choose to store in iCloud, review the iCloud security and privacy overview.


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Passwords abound in today’s internet enabled society. To make our internet use more secure, it is recommended that we use different passwords for each website we access. It quickly becomes impossible to remember all the passwords required to manage our internet use safely. Password Managers are software applications that were created specifically to allow you to securely store and conveniently retrieve your passwords, allowing you to implement unique random passwords for each website you use. In addition, some of the password manager tools allow you to securely store credit card numbers and other important information.

Recently Apple has introduced a new feature known as Keychain that provides password management services. This feature provides many of the same functions as some of the leading password managers; however, it only works on Apple products and software (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Mac, Safari).

If you are going to take the time to implement a password manager solution, at this time we recommend that you use a full service solution such as 1Password. Applications such as 1Password integrate with all mobile devices and all web browsers on both Mac and PC platforms. This means you only need to remember one password (make sure it is a good one) in order to access each of your unique website password.


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Find My Phone is an iCloud service that allows you to track the location of any iPhone, iPad, or Apple computer that is configured with the Find My Phone Service.

To configure the Find My Phone service on your iPad:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select iCloud.
  3. At the bottom of the list, ensure Find My Phone is selected.

If you have not enabled iCloud, you will need to first activate iCloud. Select Settings > iCloud and follow the prompts (see Managing your Apple ID).

The Find My Phone functions are activated by logging in the iCloud website (http://iCloud.com). After logging in, touch Find My Phone, then select a device from the My Devices list at the top center of the page. Once you select a device, the Find My Phone options are displayed.