Physician Facilitator (Demonstrator)

The purpose of this page is to describe the requirements for the Physician Facilitator (Demonstrator).  The primary role of this person is to provide examples of how the iPad might be used in context. This person may or may not be seen as an ‘expert’. They must be confident in describing specific examples of how the iPad is used.

This website contains a collection of Case Vignettes that outline how the iPad is used in clinical medical education. These case vignettes have been collected throughout the delivery of iPad workshops during the Educational Design Research study. They are provided as examples only. It is important that the Physician presenting the case vignettes use vignettes that they are comfortable presenting. The physician in this role should be encouraged to use their own examples. This is one area where each iPad workshop will differ – as each facilitator will present a unique perspective. Examples are expect to change over time as new applications become available and as the ways in which we use iPads changes. Because the Physician Facilitator (Demonstrator) is encourage to use their own current case vignettes, the Case Vignettes portion of the workshop becomes self-evolving.

The time allotted to the Case Vignettes presentation is 30-minutes. In a typical workshop, case vignettes would happen twice. The first group of people attending the vignettes would be more experienced iPad uses and should be encouraged to share their own vignettes. The second group are less experienced users. It is important that vignettes are demonstrated at a slow enough pace for learner comprehension and time is allowed for learners to ask questions.


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