After the delivery the first workshop, the overwhelming comments were that the physicians wanted a resource to support the workshop. Seeing the information at the workshop was useful, but they wouldn’t retain that information.

After much thought and consideration, I began the development of a website – but that format didn’t see to work – so I began the development of an eBook.

The eBook is now evolving. I have two (or three) physician champions who are working on the eBook with me. Is it now looking like the eBook will be the star of the show – that is, it is will be focal point in the program, with the occasional workshop that uses the eBook. The eBook development really addresses the research question: How can iPads be used to support teaching and supervising residents in family medicine?

The latest outline of the iBook draws upon our experience with Essential Teaching Skills (another faculty development program delivered within the department of family medicine) – there are three sections: iPad essentials, cloud essentials, and clinical teaching essentials.

The website will be redesigned to align with these three concepts – largely because the current flow of the website it tied to workshops, which aren’t being attended.

Our current hypothesis is that people will only attend iPad workshops if they are adjunct to another event – such as the community retreat or annual retreat. In those events the workshops are well attended, but when we schedule workshops on their own, no one comes. We will try to schedule more workshops, and make them available at sites – but if we don’t get enough people they will be cancelled. The eBook is still valuable in and of itself, and so the study needs to show the value of the eBook as a resource to help improve the use of iPads in clinical teaching.

Now I need to go back to ethics and change my protocol and consent forms – the way this research project is playing out is very different than I anticipated. I had anticipated partnerships from peer facilitators, but really the partnership is one peer facilitator and a couple of other champions who are helping to support the project. Life is getting in the way … and of course that isn’t helping matters.