RealWorld Orthopaedics and RealWorld Radiology

App: RealWord Orthopaedics and RealWorld Radiology
Cost: $9.99 / $2.99
Function: Enhancement

The RealWorld Orthopedics app provides the user with a library of radiographic images for common orthopedic concerns. Each series of case images is paired with a clinical scenario in a quiz format. The    answer grid outlines both visually and through a text description the precise abnormalities seen in the image.

Real World Radiology is a valuable tool to support the art and science of reading flat plate images for common primary care complaints. As with its counterpart above, case scenarios outline background clinical information to help the user determine the mechanism of injury or clinical signs and symptoms that accompany the images presented. The information is presented in quiz format and the answers highlight the specific radiological signs that lead to diagnosis.

These apps are useful when reviewing cases with learners and patients. They also provide a very helpful library of visual resources for simulation exercises and exam review purposes.