Recording demos

I’ve been processing the video recordings from the first workshop, and when I attempted to write up some of the medical apps, it occurred to me that there was no way I’d be able to do the demos. I just don’t know the language. It would require a lot of memorization, but also would be very artificial. I needed to get one of the docs to record the demos.

I booked a 90 minute meeting in Jay’s office and asked him to record the demos. I’m thankful that he was up for the task. When I got there, of course there were some connectivity issues. They way I record demos is that I used an app called Reflector that uses AirPlay over shared Wifi to project the iPad on the screen. I then use Screencast-o-matic to record what is on the screen. Unfortunately, in hospital networks (and other organizational networks) the security on the networks prevents the broadcast that is needed for AirPlay. I planned on just using my laptop to create an ad hoc network, but that didn’t work – the iPad wasn’t showing the AirPlay icon. Fortunately, I have tethering on my iPhone – so I setup my iPhone as a hotspot, hooked up both my laptop and Jay’s iPad (I don’t have the apps installed), and we were ready to record.

In less than an hour we recorded five demos, which I shall write up and include in the iBook.

I am hoping that now that I have several demos recorded by Jay, that I can find other physicians willing to record demos. It would be awesome if we had a series of physician-led demos (chapters) for the eBook and website. For me, the collection of teaching tips that comes with the demos is one of the more useful / valuable aspects of this project.

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