Research questions

Looking back at my proposal, my research questions are:

(1) How can iPads be used to support teaching and supervising residents in Family Medicine?

(2) What artifacts (e.g. facilitator guides, facilitator presentation material, participant resources) support the implementation of an iPad Faculty Development Program (iFDP)?

(3) What best practices relating to design, delivery, and evaluation can be derived from the implementation of an iFDP?

(4) Does iPad adoption increase in FMP who participated in the iFDP?

What is interesting, is that although there needs to be changes in the protocol and changes in the way in which the iFDP is created, the actual research questions don’t change (this is a good thing) .. this also helps me to ensure that I am not losing focus on this project, I am simply adapting to the needed changes.

I do, however, need to find more time to work on the project. I am finding myself running from one thing to the next, and rushing through things. I need to step back and try to ignore the time pressures .. and allow things to unfold in the time they need.