App: Simulus DM by Simation Medical Ltd.
Cost: free
Function: Provides something new

The SimulusDM App provides simulation around various diabetes treatment options for patients . It allows the user to select a patient from several patient profiles with diverse variable (type of DM, age, weight, past treatment and lab results etc.). Once a patient profile has been determined, the app user can modify the patient’s glycemic physiology through modifications in lifestyle choices and medications. The app will then provide a visual representation of the effects of the modification on blood sugar over the course of three months. . The app supplies information in both metric and US units.

Note that this app requires that you be connected to the Internet. It is memory intensive, so you may wish to close any apps you do not need before using this.

From a teaching point of view, one of the biggest benefits to this type of simulation app is that you can allow residents to make treatment decisions that you would not be feasible or appropriate in real time clinical settings. It allows residents to see the consequences of various management decisions and learn from their mistakes without risk to patients.