Skills Lab Notes

Tomorrow I shall be presenting the first iPad skills lab. I would have liked this website to have contained more content by then, but it is what it is. One thing that occurred to me is that I could create a series of checklists for skills lab facilitator, just to act as a guide. Presumably the person doing the skills lab will already know how to do the different things, but they’ll need a list of what to cover in the works. So, for my reference here is the list. We’ll see how much of it we actually cover in 30-minutes:

  1. Configuring your Apple ID
    • Multiple Apple IDs
    • Configuring Apple IDs for iCloud versus App Store
    • Relationship between Apple ID and apps your purchase
  2. Downloading and updating Apps
    • Need for Apple IDs
    • Ideas on where you can find good Apps (e.g. Residents, iMedical Apps)
    • Mention library has some free app / subscriptions
  3. iPad gestures
    • Response to gestures depends on the app
    • Number of fingers matters
    • Touch versus touch and hold
    • Four finger swipe
    • Pinch and expand
    • Flick versus swipe versus drag-and-drop
  4. Organizing icons
    • Putting apps in folders
    • Editing folder titles
    • Searching for apps
  5. Finding things (searching)
    • Searching for apps on the device
    • Finding good apps
    • Check out the library
    • will have vignettes and tutorials
  6. Using iBooks, including: adding comments, editing text comments
    • Downloading eBooks
    • Deleting eBooks
    • Navigating (chapters versus pages)
    • Orientations
    • Changing font size
    • Highlighting
    • Adding comments
    • Emailing comments

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