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Exploiting .. time for a new title

When one of the physicians suggested “exploiting the iPad” as a title for our workshops, it immediately resonated. Why? Because in some ways this project is all about using technology for technology sake. Although I do not believe that technology should be thrown into education without a purpose, I also believe that someone needs to play with new technologies in an educational setting in order to discover the possibilities. If limit the use of technology in education to solving problems, we will never learn new ways of teaching that are enabled by the technology. What we do will always be about the old teaching strategies, rather than looking at new ways of teaching.
However, the word exploiting has a problem – and in particular it has a problem within the context of the Faculty of Education at my university. Many of the professors study critical pedagogy – and to exploit cannot be seen in a positive light. And, so I must succumb to a much more neutral term for the title of this website. I shall add back in iPadagogy, because it is a fun play on words, but shall change “Exploiting the iPad as a Clinical Teaching Tool” to “iPadagogy: Employing the iPad as a clinical teaching tool”.