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Endless tweeking

I had decided to buy a theme for this website because I wanted it to look professional but also work well on mobile and desktop. With Scott’s help, I chose to purchase Strappress, which has implemented the theme based upon the Twitter Bootstrap APIs. I liked that it came with a plugin tool that allows you to use the various elements in your posts and pages – giving more flexibility.

After installing I quickly discovered that this is going to be more work than I had planned. The nice layout they show on their website doesn’t seem to be what I have once installing on my site. I’m going to have to go through their YouTube tutorials to figure out how to make my site look the way I want it to look.

One thing that I find interesting is that they appear to have little or no documentation, rather they point you to a series of videos on their YouTube channel. I think this is interesting because I have said for a while now that YouTube is the new generation of technical documentation. If you don’t need to write it down, it will be a lot faster and likely more effective to just do a quick video clip. Personally, I use Screencast-o-matic to make video clips all the time – this website will have a lot of tutorials built using Screencast-o-matic and uploaded to YouTube. It is a lot less work to build, but also seems to be more effective too. Mental note – need to look up if there is any literature on the use of screen cast video versus technical documentation for learning to use software.

I reviewed the two videos on the theme and spent most of the day setting up the website. I also decide to ask a graphic artist to create a logo for me. I will probably also ask for some icons for the front page.

I’m struggling a bit with a couple of my menus. I want to be able to create menus based upon categories (no problem), but also have different pages show the category results based upon different page templates (not so clear). I sent an email off to the folks who I bought the template from in hopes that they can tell me how to do it. In many ways, I think this is just a WordPress issue – in that I think there is a standard way to do this in WordPress – but I’m not 100% certain. I may also end up adding a “list category” plugin and then creating a page the way I want.

After spending much of today playing with the look and feel of the site, it is time for me to stop. I need to get some other work done today. I may get back at it later today. It seems that tweaking the theme is something that I could spend endless hours doing … wasn’t that the reason that I bought a theme in the first place???