Teaching Residents Clinical Anatomy

App: Visible Body’s Human Anatomy Atlas (Argosy Publishing)
Cost: $24.99
Function: New Technology
More information: http://www.visiblebody.com/atlas_overview/

Visible Body’s Human Anatomy Atlas is a 3D reference tool that gives a visual representation of the human body. The app presents both male and female models with thousands of gross and microanatomy structures. The 3D structures may be rotated in all spheres to show the various body regions and systems components and their relationships to each other. There is a “zoom” in option to further convey location and relationships between structures. The app provides preset views of certain systems or regions that are easily browsed. It also permits the user to build custom views with the aid of various  ‘hide” options. All visual images may be sent electronically  which can be very helpful for patients and learners alike. The app has embedded in the tool definitions, pronunciation aids, quizzes, study cards and static images for presentations.

This app is incredibly useful as it provides the clinician with a readily available atlas for verification of differential diagnosis,  in the moment teaching for patients and learners alike. For example, a learner may have difficulty identifying the source of traumatic pain to a shoulder on physical exam however the patient has point tenderness in one location. With the use of the app options that permit drilling  down to the exact pain location, the learner is better equipped to provide a solid differential diagnosis and more appropriate main diagnosis. The preceptor and learner can examine the detailed anatomy of the shoulder usingVisible Body’s Human Anatomy Atlas for iPad/iPhone (Argosy Publishing, 2013). This app allows the preceptor or resident to manipulate three-dimensional images of any muscle system, fading or hiding muscles, until the learner is able to identify the correct source of the patient’s injury. The app and the ability to manipulate the 3-dimensional images within the app using touch screen gestures provides a tool that was previously not available to the clinician. In addition, the portability of the tablet allows the preceptor to take advantage of the teachable moments anywhere, including offices and treatment rooms within the clinic.

Dr. Jay Mercer demonstrates how to use Visible Body’s Human Anatomy Atlas for iPad/iPhone to teach shoulder anatomy.

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