Using iBooks

iBooks is a free application for your iPad, iPhone, and Mac that allows you to read specially formatted eBooks. iBooks can also be used to read and annotate PDF documents. The iBooks application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. iBooks represents an enhancement over physical objects as the eBooks can include quizzes, video, and audio.

eBooks, like iPadagogy: Employing the iPad as a clinical teaching tool, can be purchased and downloaded from the iBooks Store.

The iBooks application and each eBook that you purchase (even a free eBook) is associated with your Apple ID. You will need to know your Apple ID and password to download or update eBooks.

You can change which Apple ID is associated future iBooks Store purchases by changing the Apple ID associated with iTunes & App Store (See Managing your Apple ID).

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To purchase and download an eBook from the iBooks Store, you need to know the title of the book or the author. For this example, the eBook we are downloading is “ Employing the iPad as a Clinical Teaching Tool” by Rebecca J. Hogue.

Note the even free eBooks must be purchases from the iBooks Store. When you purchase an eBook, similar to apps, the eBook is associated with your Apple ID. If the author publishes an update to the eBook, you can download that update from the iBooks Store, but you must know the password associated with the Apple ID that you used to download the original version of the eBook.


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Most eBooks can be viewed in either landscape or portrait mode. If the eBook supports both modes, then the portrait version may provide the ability to change the font size of the text. The availability of this feature depends on how the eBook was built.
Before changing the rotation, ensure Lock Rotation is not enabled.


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Books allows you to highlight and write notes within both eBooks and PDF documents. You must first highlight text in order to add a note.

To highlight text, touch and drag your finger across the text you wish to highlight.


[tboot_accordion_bootstrap_section color=”primary” name=”UniqueName” heading=”Managing Notes” number=”4″]Once you have created notes, you may wish to view all the notes within your document, delete notes, or email notes. The My Notes window allows you to do all that and more.

To access the My Notes page, touch the center of the screen to display the menu, and then touch the notes icon located to the right of the table of contents button on the top left menu.

Once you have highlighted text, you can add notes by touching the highlighted text. You can also change the colour of the highlight or underline text.



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