Workshop design – sharing vignettes

One aspect of my original workshop design – from my iPad Professional Development Program (iPDP) – was the desire for some form of knowledge sharing evening. Although the program I’m creating at the DFM has been scaled back a lot from the design presented in the iPDP paper, I was struggling to figure out how to incorporate the knowledge sharing component. I’m happy to report that one of my sponsors/co-facilitators came up with an idea of how to solve that program (without even knowing that I thought it was a problem).

When we deliver the workshops, after the ice breaker activity the group is divided in two. Those who feel more beginner/notice begin with a 30-minute skills lab, while those who identify as more advanced begin with a case-vignettes presentation. After 30-minutes the groups switch. By dividing the groups this way, it means that the skills labs can be little more adapted to the level of the audience. The first skills lab will necessarily be more basic than the second skills lab. However, the interesting part here, is that the first group doing the case vignettes will have an opportunity to see some vignettes but also be solicited to share some vignettes. In this way, the more advanced participants have a chance to share what they know, and the physician facilitator demonstrator (yes that is a mouth full) will also have an opportunity to learn from peers. When the second group does the case vignettes (the beginner group), they will likely not have new vignettes to contribute, but they will gain from the additional knowledge, as the case vignette facilitator now might have a couple of new vignettes to present. I may not have explained that well – but the benefit here is that the opportunity to “share” vignettes has now been incorporated into the workshop – so I don’t feel like that aspect of the original iPDP design has been lost.

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